NGC 7822 - The question in Cepheus

NGC 7822 - The question in Cepheus

NGC 7822 is a young star forming complex in the constellation of Cepheus. The complex encompasses the emission region designated Sharpless 171, and the young cluster of stars named Berkeley 59. The complex is believed to be some 800–1000 pc distant, with the younger components aged no more than a few million years.

The complex also includes one of the hottest stars discovered within 1 kpc of the Sun, namely BD+66 1673, which is an eclipsing binary system consisting of an O5V that exhibits a surface temperature of nearly 45,000 K and a luminosity about 100,000 times that of the Sun. (Source: Wikipedia)

Right ascension 00h 01m 08.58s
Declination +67° 25′ 17.0″
Distance 2,900 ly
Diameter 100 ly
Constellation Cepheus

Exposure data

Count Exposure Data Filter Nights
72x 600s Hydrogen-alpha Astronomik 6nm Hα 2018-09-08, 2018-09-11
50x 700s Oxygen-III Astronomik 6nm OIII 2018-09-10, 2018-09-15
21x 900s Sulphur-II Astronomik 6nm SII 2018-09-09

Total integration: 26 hours 58 minutes

Instrument and equipment

  • Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L at f/3.5
  • Skywatcher H-EQ5
  • Canon EOS 1300Da
  • Lacerta M-Gen Autoguider
  • Astronomik Hα, OIII, SII filters
  • TS-Optics 60mm Guide tube


  • Balcony observatory, Germany, BW
  • Bortle 4

Used software

  • APT + Stellarium for camera control
  • EQMod for telescope control
  • PixInsight for image processing
  • Photoshop for final touch
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